Biobased packaging material with high wet strength

Purpose and goal: Today´s plastic-based packaging materials should, as far as possible, be replaced with materials that are bio-based. In this project, we have developed a new process technology for manufacturing wet-strong packaging materials from lignin-rich pulps, mainly mechanical pulp with a high wood yield. The packaging material have a high strength level in both wet and dry conditions and a moisture stability required in certain products. We have also developed new finishing technology that makes it possible to get even higher wet strength in an off-line machine next to the production unit. Expected results and effects: In the project, we have succeeded in producing moisture-resistant paper grades, which can replace certain plastic packaging on a smaller pilot. We have also managed to run a larger pilot with the new hot pressing technology but have not been able to produce sufficiently good quality. The goal was to try another pilot but could not be performed due to the pandemic. We have succeeded in developing a new technology that makes it possible to produce wet-strength paper off-line. We have also tested new wires and new teflon belts. We have manufactured small demonstrators that show the wet strength. Approach and implementation: We have demonstrated the new process technology for the production of an environmentally friendly wet-strong bio-based material. We have demonstrated that the process technology can be used by running a small pilot with pressing and drying systems to produce environmentally friendly packaging products with high wet strength from lignin-rich pulp. We did not produce the same quality on a larger pilot that was involved in the project. The plan was to run on another pilot but it did not work due to travel restrictions in the pandemic. We have made smaller demonstrators that show high wet strength.

Total funding

4,500,000 kr

Funding body


Research field

engineering and technology

materials engineering

Engineering and Technology

Materials Engineering

Funding period

1 January 2018-31 December 2020

Project leader

Michael Cimbritz

Gunilla Pettersson

Gunilla Pettersson

Coordinating organisation

Mid Sweden University

Type of funding

Project grant