NEWS: Journalism partnerships - Pluralism






Dec 08 2022


Apr 27 2023


  • Increased innovation and creativity in business models, journalistic production processes and distribution processes
  • Increased interest in journalism, among various social groups, language groups and age groups
  • Increased viability of professionally produced journalistic content
  • Increased resilience, pluralism and editorial independence of media sectors at European level, such as local, regional and community media, investigative media or media specialised in public interest topics
  • Increased resilience of civil society organisations active in the news media sectors and protection of the news media landscape
  • Improved uptake of new technologies across the targeted media sectors in as much this contributes to media pluralism and a diverse media landscape
  • Fostering repositories of knowledge about media sectors delivering public interest news (e.g. by detecting areas with low provision of high-quality content and/or in which media pluralism is strained)

The European news media sectors play a crucial and valuable role in Europe. Yet, they are facing multiple challenges. Partially as a result of the digital shift, with readers shifting to online sources and traditional news outlets losing advertising revenues, the economic sustainability of professional journalism has come under pressure. Media pluralism has also been weakened over the years: many media at the local level as well as those putting their public interest mission before profits, have had to close down, posing risks for the good functioning of democracy.

Topic 2. “Journalism Partnerships - Pluralism”. This topic will support civil society organisations activein media, and help them in setting up supporting schemes for news media organisations and independent journalism, as well as other capacity-building measures. These actions, including third party support, will target media active in sectors of special relevance to democracy and civic participation, such as local and regional media, community media, independent and investigative journalism and other organisations delivering public interest news.