Support to Ukrainian entrepreneurs- Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs






Feb 28 2023


May 11 2023



The objective of this action is to select intermediary organisations based on their project proposals for supporting Ukrainian new entrepreneurs.

The projects cover activities such as:

  • giving training on doing business in the Single Market first information on further business support initiatives
  • developing other relevant skills and boost their entrepreneurship capacities, and supporting them with contacts and building networks
  • matching them with experienced European entrepreneurs and support them for participation in Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs business exchanges.

The selected projects will help both Ukrainian entrepreneurs who are based in their home country and displaced Ukrainian entrepreneurs who are based in the participating countries. They will help Ukrainian new entrepreneurs to prepare for their entrepreneurship journey by acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge, and establishing international business contacts and networks. They will also help those with some business experience to benefit from training, contacts and the expertise of an experienced entrepreneur to help them continue their business activities or realise their dream to start a business, create jobs, strengthen relations with businesses in the Single Market, and prepare for post-war recovery of Ukraine.

This action also helps the experienced entrepreneurs gain better market knowledge and access to Ukraine.