Tourism4.0 Call for selection of Tourism SMEs




Nov 15 2022


Jan 18 2023


Before getting started, please note that we will only accept applications submitted in English.

Then, follow these steps to successfully submit your application:

1. Click on the“Apply now” button available on https: www.tourism4-0.eu

2. Fill out all sections of the application form. If you wish to consult it beforehand.

3. Accept the privacy policy and declaration of honour at the end of the form.

4. Click on “Submit”.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a copy of your answers (check the spam folder too). If you do not, please contact us to info@tourism4-0.eu


Evaluation Committee

The Evaluation Committee is composed of 1 evaluator from each of the following six countries: Italy, Portugal, Spain, Malta, Croatia, and Poland.

Therefore, the committee will be formed by6evaluators, coordinated by Mr. Joan Puatè, Manager at Cluster Digital de Catalunya.

Evaluation process

The evaluation process of applications, which will take approximately 4 weeks after the call deadline is closed, is summarized in the following steps:

  • Administrative revision of applications and request of documentation, if needed.
  • .Evaluation Committee’s coordinator distributes applications proportionally among all 6 evaluators. SME general information (i.e., company name, country, etc.) will be hidden from evaluators to ensure a fair, independent process.
  • Each of the 6 evaluators will assess the applications assigned to him or her and will fill an evaluation form prepared for the purpose.
  • Evaluation Committee’s Coordinator will collect all evaluation forms and generate a ranked list from the highest-scored application to the lowest, according to country.
  • Evaluation Committee meets to validate the results and agree on the final list of selected SMEs and a reserve list.

To achieve our project objectives in relation to geographical distribution, we will select:

- 13 SMEs in Italy

- 15 in Portugal

- 11 in Spain

- 11 in Malta

- 10 in Croatia.

The evaluation will be carried out based on the following criteria, which will be applied to the data you provide us in the application form:

  • Previous experiences and initiatives about innovation (the greater and more diversified initiatives and SME has been already engaged in, the higher score will achieve);
  • Current commitment to developing digitization and innovation within your SME (e.g., current involvement in technology development activities);
  • Relevance of the potential improvements triggered with the achievement of Tourism4.0 financial support

For the first criterion, a score from 5 to 0 will be assigned, according to the following scale:

  • Score 5: relevant and diversified initiatives have been adopted and the SME has already obtained a certification
  • Score 3: relevant and diversified initiatives have been adopted
  • Score 1:a minimum of initiatives has been adopted
  • Score 0: no activities declared.

Minimum threshold: 1

For the second criterion, a score from 3 to 0 will be assigned, according to the following scale

  • Score 3: high commitment
  • Score 2: medium commitment
  • Score 1: low commitment
  • Score 0: no commitment.

Minimum threshold: 1.

Finally, for the third criterion, a score from 7 to 0 will be assigned, according to the following scale:

  • Score 7: very high potential
  • Score 5: high potential
  • Score 3: medium potential
  • Score 1: low potential
  • Score 0: no potential.

Minimum threshold:1.